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(4.7 out  of 5 stars) 

"A powerful examination of the dog-human relationship." 
- Kirkus Reviews -


"A special dog gives us insight into the human condition. Sadie Sapiens is written for young adult readers , but even adults will enjoy and be moved by this story. Bauer is a writer skilled in crafting larger themes - love and forgiveness, fear and courage, cruelty and sacrifice- within a a seemingly simple package, in this case a tiny Chihuahua puppy named Sadie. Like the novel, Sadie proves to be more than meets the eye, by learning to communicate with Emma, her human. Through this, Bauer makes us question the nature of sentience, and the way humans treat other forms of life on this planet."

"Loved it!  I always thought that human-kind's first contact with an intelligent species would be with a greenish grey alien race who had traveled millions of miles just to meet us (or destroy us). Nope, now I know its with a Chihuahua - what a great idea! Sadie Sapiens is a wonderful feel good book for all ages, and I can't wait to see where the story goes from here."

"Sadie Sapiens grabs your heart and doesn't let go. Sadie, the main doggie character in the book , is a Chihuahua, who is rescued by Emma, a junior in high school. The two become inseparable, and through their bond, develop a means of higher communication, aptly called 'doglish.' Emma initially attempts to hide Sadie's ability to communicate with her from the rest of the world, but Emma's friends are soon let in on the secret when unforeseen events put Sadie in danger."'

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