My Alter Egos

Jeff T. Bauer (first and foremost) is my pack leader and alter ego. As an author of several novels, he chronicled my life story in the book that bears my name, SADIE SAPIENS, and he is currently penning my life’s sequel. 

In a way, I consider Jeff to be my Twenty-First Century Renaissance man as he is also a devoted husband to his wife, Jacki; a great father to his adult children; an IT Director; a scuba instructor (specializing in cavern and cave diving the many beautiful springs of North Florida where we live), plus he’s an avid aviator and dog lover who is often seen as a volunteer flying animal rescue missions for Pilots N Paws

Jeff also helps me with HTML as the Administrator of this website and my blog, SADIE SAPIENS: The Voice for Those Who Can’t Speak…At Least Not Yet!   And, he’s super-efficient at helping me with my fan mail.

Oh, and I almost forgot - Jeff’s absolutely the best for taking me and our pack of rescued Chihuahuas for rides in the car!  :-)

Paula Slade is my second alter ego. She’s narrated my audiobook, SADIE SAPIENS.  Note: She does a mean imitation of my voice!  :-)

Her acting credits are for a number of television series including: Starman; Hardcastle and McCormick; Remington Steele, and General Hospital, as well as national commercials (on-camera and voice-over) for clients such as Sears, McDonald's, and Toyota. On stage, she has performed such diverse roles as Lady Macbeth; Woman, in Harold Pinter's Night, and the role of Emil, in a female cast staging of David Mamet's Duck Variations. 

Paula also assists as a contributor to my blog, as well as serving as Vice President/Creative Director and audiobook narrator for ARTISTIC MEDIA ASSOCIATES, INC. in the greater Boston area.